These are honest testimonials, both good and bad, from our beloved travellers.

Steve Spark

11 February 2017

Allison went out of her way to cater for our specific requirements when we were planning the trip. The advice given allowed us to put together a really good itinerary. She also booked restaurants for us, recommend a bottle store, etc

Helen O'Donnell

29 September 2018

Anja was amazing. She answered every question promptly and professionally. Anja also provided excellent suggestions. Thanks to her I feel that our trip to Namibia was perfect.

Louise Martello

13 November 2017

Our booking was handled extremely efficiently and I could not suggest one thing that could of been improved on. Anita always responded promptly and provided lots of good information, assistance and support in a highly professional but personable manner.

Mara Boserini

13 May 2019

The booking was handled in a very efficient way. Anke suggested me a valid alternative to the tour I originally intended to buy (which was fully booked) and promptly replied to all me clarification requests.

Justin Chen

7 May 2018

Benson was amazing! Absolutely saved us by finding a last minute booking for us, went above and beyond for our group. Highly appreciated.

Andrea Todaro

1 July 2019

Chantelle has been simply perfect, always ready during the planning and very reliabile and friendly. Everything has been absolutely perfect, from the itinerary to the lodges choosen.

Matevz Novak

14 September 2019

Erika was very helpful and very friendly. She answered all questions very quickly and efficiently. When we had any problems, she helped and solved them.

Prakash Naik

2 October 2019

The booking was handled very efficiently. This was considering that we had only started booking our holidays around 5 weeks prior to the departure. Lilly was very helpful in providing useful information.

Freya Longin

25 April 2019

Our booking was handled very well. We received all the answers to our questions. Norelle helped us even further with our lost luggage by calling the airport and the accommodations.

David Williams

29 December 2017

Our booking was handled very well - we don't think it could have been handled any better! We felt we were being helped personally too.

Samson Amandine

31 August 2018

Tammy made a really efficient job and helped us a lot in making this trip wonderful. She was quick in giving us a reply and her propositions always fitted with our former expectations.

Luca Bariacchi

3 August 2013

Aulden was extremely courteous and polite in giving advice and suggestions.

Margarete & Charlotte

28 August 2016

Our booking was handle perfectly. In contrast to previous travel agents I have used in Namibia, Rachael did not give us a ready list of accommodation she has worked with, but instead listened to our wishes and then put together a totally tailor made package.

Alison Bowyer

23 February 2019

Norelle was wonderful. She patiently guided us through the process, changed things when we needed them changing and listened to our requirements carefully, choosing excellent locations.

Heidi Herzeg

2 October 2018

We did several bookings with Erika, also some years ago and we were very satisfied and happy with that service and all the communication in the planning phase. She was always available and helped us a lot with her experience and efficient mail correspondence. Thanks a lot Erika.

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