I was born in Tsumeb, raised by a single mom (father was there but also not there). Finished school and there and moved to Whk for studies and work…went back home for a while but been in Whk most of my adult life.

Special Interests

I’m quite a boring guy….was very outdoorsy, but a lot ‘tamed’ for a while now. Special interests would be from listening to music to playing tennis. I was sporty in school but due to severe migraines, I could not continue with any extra activities. I have medallions in sprinting as well.

Favourite Places In Namibia

I would say that my favourite places in Namibia are Kombat, the north east places and the coast. It is evident that we have a beautiful country and what it offers is truly out of this world. The coastal area is my favourite as this where the Atlantic Ocean and the oldest desert in the world meets. The scenic tours that I have done in the coast has proven that we have breathtaking features such one of the highest sand dunes in the world, the colour-contrast the desert offers, and of course, the desert animals such the majestic African desert elephants, the wild horses and the plant life such as the oldest plant in the world, the Welwitschia Mirabilis. The north eastern region offers the beautiful Kavango River which has the most beautiful scene ever to experience in the rainy season. You need to see the river peep through the exquisitely beautiful green landscape just as you are approaching Rundu. It is one the liveliest contrast in colour which gives your soul much needed peace and serenity. It is a very fertile and fruity area which offers a massive variety of ‘traditional’ fruits & vegetables from which, my favourite is the ‘wambo orange’ that has the tastiest food when cracked open. One of the most beautiful places in Namibia is also the underrated small mining town called Kombat. The breathtaking landscape of the massive mountains which surrounds that area is really beautiful. It looks like mountains that are in scenes in fictional movies with dinosaurs or animals that lived years ago. With the current rains that we have received, a visit to that area will put everything in perspective of how beautiful and underrated that little town is.

Travel Tips

Never think that when you’re waiting to board the plane, to have a quick drink for the road…you’ll end up missing flights (like I did, twice, in foreign countries).

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