Born and raised in Namibia. I'm a twin and we have a very close bond with my twin sister, she's my lifetime best friend. We are the last born of the family of 12. My childhood experience shaped my personality and made me who I am. And most of all, nursed my love of people. I did my primary school and secondary education in the northern part of Namibia. I moved to Windhoek to pursue my degree in accounting and finance with the Namibian University of science and technology. My first work experience was at Intergris Consulting where I worked as admin assistant and later decided to join Cardboard Box.

Special Interests

I have a huge passion for cooking, travelling. I'm very social and open-minded and enjoy having good time with close friends and family. Besides the afore-mention interests, ethical cultures, traditions and lifestyles are as well some of them.

Favourite Places In Namibia

Sossusvlei - The wide open space, the silence and climbing along the top edge and sliding down the red dunes is quite fun. The landscape, sunrise and sunset are something unbelievable. This is a MUST GO place and a photographer's dream. .

Travel Tips

If you are coming to Namibia bring sunscreen, hats and sunglasses, we have a sunny weather.

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