Assistant Manager and Travel Consultant


I'm a born & bred Namibian. After a short stint with Air Namibia after completing studies in Travel & Tourism, I joined Elena Travel Services where my passion for tourism was ignited serving as a Tour Consultant. I joined The Cardboard Box Travel Shop more than a decade ago and am as happy and excited as the day I started. Over the years, I have evolved with the industry and look forward to the new frontiers it will reach in years to come!

Special Interests

Geology and never ceases to amaze me how the world and the land formations came to be.

Favourite Places In Namibia

Bogenfels Rock Arch - is an a rock arch carved out by wind and water erosion reaching to a high of +-55 meters and can only see it if booked on the 'Bogenfels & Pomona Tour'. This is a full day including the visit the early diamond mines, Pomona Ghost Town, lunch, dune rides, moon-landscape as well as stop over at the Bogenfels. Indeed a perfect way to explore the restricted Sperrgebiet area and Luderitz coastline.

Travel Tips

Never travel without wet / sanitary wipes and a cream version of insect repellent as the fumes of the aerosol spray can be suffocating

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