Travel Consultant


I was born in Luderitz the small historic town lodged in one of the best harbors on the least hospitable coast of Africa, in the Karas region of Southern Namibia. A gem in the midst of the desert. We moved from my birth town when I was only 12 years old and resided in the capital city of Windhoek for the remainder of my school career, where I completed my tertiary education at Polythecnic of Namibia, nowadays known as NUST – Namibia University of Science and Technology, doing Travel and Tourism Management. For my in-service training I had the opportunity to spend a couple of months at Orlando Florida’s Universal Studios, which is the absolute opposite of our product, but such an eye opener that leaves you humbled, with pride and gratitude for the simpler things in life. I started working for The Cardboard Box Travel Shop in 2007, taking a short break between 2014 – 2018 , taking part in additional growing phases of life - family, career, moving to Oranjemund the small diamond town in the far south, but ultimately joining our wonderful team 2018 again.

Special Interests

The beauty of our country is unmistakably the reason for my interest in tourism, traveling and appreciating our dreamy sunset at the beach and breathtaking landscapes is part of my life. And of course being a mom, always on the PTA, constantly assisting with events, love to bake, reading and appreciating what my crazy family has to offer

Favourite Places In Namibia

One of my favorites would be Sossusvlei, nothing beats the magnificent sunrise.

Travel Tips

Always book in advance especially during our peak season June - October, staying at your preferred options could pose difficult to impossible at short notice. Enjoy every moment of your journey, soak up the sun, but do keep sunscreen handy😊, keep hydrated, hats and glasses, jackets for your afternoon drive -, it could get chilly, camera’s, switch of your phone and enjoy the brief isolation and tranquility of our beautiful country.

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