Rates Manager and Travel Consultant


About me: After finishing school in Namibia I decided to travel and spent two years working in New York as a translator for a cable television company. I continued globe-trotting to the many beautiful corners of the States and onto Canada, Japan, the UK and parts of Europe. After working for two years back in Namibia in tourism I decided to go and explore some other African countries. On this trip I visited Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and sort of got stuck in Malawi where I worked at a lodge. Eventually I headed back home and started working in the tourism industry again. I joined the Cardboard Box Team and are currently working as a travel consultant which I enjoy immensely. As a single mother my pride and joy are my lovely two daughters, who I spend as much time as possible with.

Special Interests

I like to read novels and hike, swim and travel whenever possible.

Favourite Places In Namibia

My kids and I like the atmosphere and feel of the Caprivi area as it so different from the rest of country.

Travel Tips

Enjoy your Holiday as Namibia is a great country to visit.

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