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Woodland Dormouse

wildlife of Namibia

Introduction: The woodland dormouse (Graphiurus murinus) live in family groups in either large trees or thick vegetation covering rocks. Although they look harmless, they are very aggressive in nature. Adults will often invade a neighbours nest, attack and eat the young, before moving their own family in. Family groups are extremely territorial and will eat intruders from other groups of dormice, after a session of vicious fighting. Apart from that, they're very peaceful. They have been known to become tame, if living near homesteads.

Distribution: Most of Namibia including the Skeleton Coast area of the Namib Desert, but not in the south-west of the country.

Diet: Insects, seeds and fruit. They will hibernate in the winter when food becomes scarce.

Colouring: Dark grey fur on the upper body with a pale neck. The tail is bushy and dark on top.

Breeding: 4 or 5 young are born in the summer months, dropped in a nest consisting of grass and leaves.

Wildlife Namibia

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