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Tiny Musk Shrew

wildlife of Namibia

Introduction: The tiny musk shrew (Crocidura fuscomurina) is the smallest of the Crocidura species found in Namibia and like other shrews is nocturnal, solitary and terrestrial, behaviour that complements it's diet. They are born hairless and typical development from the second week onwards includes the ability to climb vertically, scratching, yawning, sniffing and wiping. Their eyes are open in under 2 weeks and solids can be eaten within 3 weeks. If required the mother will carry her young in her mouth.

Distribution: North-eastern Namibian Kalahari Desert.

Diet: Moths and a variety of other insects.

Colouring: Grey-brown fur.

Breeding: Litter sizes vary between 2 and 5, with weaning occurring 18 to 24 days after birth.

Size: Head and body length of 55mm, tail 36mm. Weight: 5g.

Wildlife Namibia

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