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wildlife of Namibia

Introduction: The suricate (Suricata suricatta) is sometimes referred to by its Afrikaans name of meerkat, or ant cat, referring to it's ant-eating diet and associated foraging by sifting sand and 'probing crevices'. They have long front claws, a rounded, broad head tapering to a short, sharp-pointed muzzle accentuated by dark circles around the eyes. Suricate generally avoid desert and dense bush but it's presence in the Namib Desert can be accounted for by a tendency to burrow in dry river beds. Much is made of their social habits which include a babysitting and feeding service; helpers remaining with the kittens whilst others forage for food or keep sentry duty.

Distribution: Common through Namibia and does occur in the Namib Desert, but absent from the entire north-eastern region of the country.

Diet: Insects such as beetles, small Namibian reptiles (geckos). Tubers and bulbs of plants.

Colouring: Body fur is brown-grey with some dark fringes on the back, with a slightly darker tail.

Breeding: Between 1 and 3 litters are produced annually depending on rainfall, peaking in January to March.

Size: Total length of 450-550mm. Tail: 200-240mm. Weight: 620-960g.

Show-biz news: The Lion King, released in 1994 by Disney, featured a meerkat called Timon. The Clan of the Meerkats, a television series was created in 2005 and aired on Animal Planet. Other documentaries, adult novels and TV adverts followed.

Wildlife Namibia

Auas Safari Lodge

A privately owned game farm, with a good variety of wildlife just a short distance south of Windhoek.

Daan Viljoen Game Park

Newly built lodge in a small well stocked game reserve west of Windhoek

Dusternbrook Guest Farm

This lodge is very popular amongst those seeking leopard and cheetah viewing close to Windhoek. Regular feedings guarantee great sightings and photographic opportunities

Elisenheim Guest Farm

A relaxing lodge in the Eros Mountains (named after a local fruit and not the goddess of love) around 30km north of the city

Etango Ranch Guest Farm

Opposite the Windhoek International Airport, close enough to be extremely convenient but far enough away that planes are not a distraction. Great for those arriving late or leaving early, as cuts out the 45km drive from Windhoek/

Gocheganas Nature Reserve

One of Namibia's most popular spas with the added bonus of top game viewing.

Hohewarte Guest Farm

Between Windhoek and the International Airport lies this interesting cattle & game farm

Immanuel Wilderness Lodge

family friendly, mid range lodge in rural location

Naankuse Lodge & Wildlife Sanctuary

a wildlife sanctuary offering quality accommodation in a tranquil environment

Okapuka Lodge

Large lodge on a large well stocked game farm


On a large private game farm close to the Windhoek International Airport, ideal for those not wanting to travel into Windhoek before or after their arrival in Namibia

Onjala Lodge

Offering horse riding, spa treatments and two swimming pools, this is a good family lodge

River Crossing Lodge

a few kilometers east of Windhoek this lodge offers unsurpassed views of the city from a setting in the Auas Mountains

Windhoek Game Camp

20km north of the city, this tented lodge offers a quality self catering experience surrounded by the veld and wildlife

Fly Drive Safari Namibia