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Uroplectes planimanus


Introduction: The largest species in this genus is the Uroplectes planimanus, characterized by their wide pincers. Rocky habitats are preferred common under or on the top of prominent rocks or under layers of rocks.
Distribution: Throughout Namibia less for the south. Found in Etosha National Park, northern Namib Desert, Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip) and along the entire northern river systems.

Diet: Insects and spiders.
Colouration: Yellow to brown.
Breeding: Gestation period is around 8 weeks with litters of around 20 young common.
Maximum size: 70mm.

Etosha Village

40 Room lodge only 4km from the park. Offers self catering units and a restaurant


Situated inside the Etosha Park some of the units available here offer self catering opportunities


Extremely busy accommodation inside the park with a good spot-lit waterhole, great choice if location is deciding factor on where to stay

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