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Parabuthus schlecteri


Introduction: Parabuthus schlecteri dig a shallow scrape under rocks. Known to spray venom when provoked.
Distribution: Southern Namibia less for the Namib Desert. Observed in Fish River Canyon, Keetmanshoop, Quiver Tree Forest, Orange River and the Karasberg Mountains.
Diet: Sits and waits under vegetation for insects and spiders.
Overall brown to orange, similar in appearance to P. raudus but with an extra 10 ridges on one of the tail segments.
Breeding: Males locate females and use a series of vibrations to display his intentions. Shaking the entire body, tapping the pincers or wagging the tail are known 'scorpion chat up lines'. Once in range a set of modified pincers grab the female in courtship displays. Litters of over 20 are common.
Maximum size: 140mm.

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