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Parabuthus granulatus


Introduction: Parabuthus granulatus dig burrows in compact sandy soils at the base of shrubs. They also enter houses and buildings for shelter. Watch out for this species, it will give you a nasty, painful bite and is one of southern Africa's most venomous scorpions.
Distribution: Throughout Namibia including Namib and Kalahari Deserts, Orange, Kunene, Kavango River regions, Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip), Etosha National Park, Brandberg Mountain, Spitzkoppe, Erongo Mountains.
Diet: Preys upon other scorpions and actively forages for prey as opposed to sitting and waiting. Travels far in search of food.
Colouration: Variable shades of overall orange in the Kalahari Desert to blackish brown nearer the Orange River.
Breeding: Shortly before birth, the female raises the front section of her body (stilting) with the pincers arched over the body and the pincers flexed. The first 2 pairs of legs form the birth basket where litters of over 30 are born in the summer months.
Maximum size: 160mm.

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