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Karasbergia methueni


Introduction: The hard, gritty soils of southern Namibia are the places to look for the Karasbergia methueni, although observations and recordings of this species are very limited. Features include slender pedipalps and a granular carapace, 6 eyes (unusual) a very round, bead-like tail segments.
Distribution: Karasberg Mountains, Orange River and Fish River Canyon extending north as far as Aus, BethaniŽ and Keetmanshoop.
Diet: Insects, spiders and other small scorpions.
Colouration: Cryptic markings and colours make it difficult to observe in the day. Night observations with UV light offers the best results.
Breeding: Females give birth to litters usually under rocks and in crevices.
Maximum size: 23mm.

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Canyon Hotel

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Keetmanshoop Central Lodge

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