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Rock Dormouse

wildlife of Namibia

Introduction: Little or no studies have been carried out on the rock dormouse (Graphiurus platyops). A distinguishing feature is their flattened skull and they are known to be active at night in rock piles. In central Namibia where rocks are scarce they can be found climbing around on camelthorn trees. Communication between dormice is part visual, part vocal. Attention to other dormice can be gained by lashing the tail around. They also use scent trails and warning calls consist of a number of short low-pitched notes.

Distribution: Widespread throughout Namibia, including Etosha National Park and in the Namib Desert.

Diet: Insects and seeds. They will hibernate during winter when food is scarce.

Colouring: Grey with a white underside and a white patch extending onto the back behind the foreleg. A reddish chin and a white-tipped bushy tail.

Breeding: Very little is known other than their young are born in the summer.

Wildlife Namibia

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