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Reddish-Grey Musk Shrew

wildlife of Namibia

Introduction: The reddish-grey musk shrew (Crocidura cyanea) has a wide habitat range including mountain forest, grassland, savannah and rocky outcrops. It is a also a cave-dweller, living in and around the entrance to caves. They are predominately a nocturnal creature, who live a solitary existence.

Distribution: The central highlands of Namibia.

Diet: Insects such as beetles, crickets and scorpions. Bat carcasses.

Colouring: Grey to grey-brown in colour.

Breeding: Litter size varies from 2 to 6 and the young are particularly vulnerable from barn owls.

Size: Head and body length of about 76mm. Tail 50mm. Weight: 9g.

Wildlife Namibia

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