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Pouched Mouse

wildlife of Namibia

Introduction: The first specimen of the pouched mouse (Saccostomus campestris) was collected from Tête in Mozambique, near the Zambezi River. Features include a thickset head and small eyes set forward and very close together. The cheek pouches (hence the name) open into the mouth cavity, extending to shoulder level. It accumulates food in these pouches, and continuously carry seeds in it's mouth to the nest chamber. They will hibernate in the winter and live off their summer proceeds. There have been sightings of this mouse carrying young in their pouch.

Distribution: All of the main national parks such as Etosha, Bwabwata, Mudumu, and Nkasa Rupara Park. It is also found in the Kalahari Desert, but not in the coastal belt south of the Kunene River.

Diet: Seeds from a variety of plants.

Colouring: Brownish-grey thick and silky hair with black-tipped hairs. The tail is brown above and white below.

Breeding: Litters vary from between 5 to 10 young. Gestation periods are up to 21 days.

Size: Average body length 114mm. Tail 50mm. Weight: 48g, but individuals can reach 68g.

Wildlife Namibia

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