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Natal Multimammate mouse

wildlife of Namibia

Introduction: The Natal multimammate mouse (Mastomys natalensis)was one of a number of first described by the Scottish surgeon, naturalist, explorer and zoologist, Sir Andrew Smith in 1834 from species collected in Durban. The common name refers to the females who have up to 12 pairs of mammae, lined in continuous rows from the chest to the groin.

This feature allows female Natal multimammate mice to be a prolific breeder. Large litters are possible every 3 to 4 weeks. They are also a health hazard to mankind, including the fatal Lassa fever virus. They are often referred to as the 'house mouse' and will freely enter huts and houses, where they will live in thatch or holes in walls. They also construct their own burrows, but have no qualms about occupying the existing burrows of other rodents.

Distribution: Khomas Hochland region of central Namibia, Rundu region and far eastern Caprivi Strip.

Diet: Acacia seeds, dry pods, pulpy parts of wild fruits and a variety of other grass and seeds. Will resort to cannibalism when populations are high and food is scarce.

Colouring: Soft grey fur with yellowish-brown to brown upperparts and white to off-white underparts.

Breeding: Pups in a litter range from 10 to 16 and females breed throughout the year. Gestation periods last for about 23 days. Individuals are able to breed from around the 100 day old point.

Size: Head body length 145mm. Tail 156mm. Weight: 56-70g.

Wildlife Namibia

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