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Littledale's Whistling Rat

wildlife of Namibia

Introduction: There is very little detail about Littledale's whistling rat (Parotomys littledalei) and it is very similar in appearance to Brant's whistling rat. Experts can differentiate by the 'absence of grooves on the incisor teeth'. As with it's counterpart, Littledale's also gives off a warning signal when in danger. Burrows are excavated beneath a shrub, constructing a stick nest at a suitable distance for protection and safety.

Distribution: Southern Namib Desert as far north as Swakopmund extending south-west along the Orange River.

Diet: Herbivorous preferring the leaves of the dollar and mesem bushes.

Colouring: Similar in appearance to Brant's whistling rat, but with a slightly darker coat.

Breeding: Litters from 1-3 pups are born between August and December.

Size: Body length 148mm. Tail 104mm.

Wildlife Namibia

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