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Vagrant Emperor

Dragonflies | Namibia

Introduction: Vagrant Emperors (Anax ephippiger) are migrants with travelling long distances an intricate part of their life cycle. They are the smallest Anax and records have been consistent with their appearance in the rainy season.

Distribution: Scattered locations along the Kunene, Kavango Rivers, Caprivi Strip, Etosha National Park, Kaokoland, northern, central and southern regions of the country including Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, Tsumkwe and Kaudom Game Park.

Colouration: Sand-coloured or greenish to brown. A feature of fully coloured males is a blue 'saddle' on the abdomen (ephippiger).

Breeding: Oviposits in fresh waters and breeds in temporary pools. Eggs are laid into plant material or wet soil.

Flight season: Throughout the year.

Max size: 60 to 70mm.

Conservation: Not threatened.

Fiume Bush Camp

A satellite camp to Fiume Lodge, the Bush Camp requires a minimum two night stay and is the base for top quality guided excursions to visit a local Bushman / San community

Nhoma Camp

A partially community owned camp - allows guest to gain an insight into the lives of the local Bushman community

Tsumkwe Lodge

In the town of Tsumkwe this lodge offers an opportunity to visit the local San communities

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