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Monk's Hood Dropwing

Dragonflies | Namibia

Introduction: The unusual name of the Monk's Hood Dropwing (Trithemis aconita) is derived from the shape of the anterior lamina of the male genitalia, which resembles the Monk's Hood flower (Aconitum). They occur along sections of riverine forest, where males can perch over the water in trees.

Distribution: Kavango River, Epupa Falls, Chobe River rapids at Impalila Island and the Zambezi River rapids at Katima Mulilo.

Colouration: Metallic-blue frons, rich blue thorax, thin abdomen with 2 yellow lines. The eyes are dark blue.

Breeding: Little is known of their precise larval habitat.

Flight season: Observations have been made in August and December and from February to April.

Conservation: Deforestation is the greatest threat along the Kavango River.

Epupa Camp

A luxury camp on the banks of the Kunene River close to Epupa Falls and Himba settlements

Kapika Waterfall Lodge

Set high on the hill above the settlement of Epupam offers good views of the Kunene River and surrounding area.

Omarunga Camp

A comfortable tented camp close to the Epupa falls, the big swimming pool is a welcome relief from this area's usual heat.

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