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Little Skimmer

Dragonflies | Namibia

Introduction: Little Skimmer (Orthetrum abbotti) are the smallest species of this genus. Most Namibian observations have been recorded near springs with lush to overgrown vegetation common. They were named after Dr William Louis Abbott (1866-1948) who collected a male and female on an expedition at Kilimanjaro.

Distribution: Ongongo Falls near Sesfontein, Palmwag, Otavi Mountains, Waterberg, Von Bach Dam near Okahandja.

Colouration: Yellow thorax in females, yellow ground colour, blue pruinosity.

Breeding: Females touch the water with a series of dips to lay eggs.

Flight season: October to February.

Max size: 38mm.

Conservation: Not threatened.

Brandberg Rest Camp

Situated in the tiny town of Uis, this lodge acts as a gateway to the Brandberg Mountain and other parts of the Erongo Region

Brandberg White Lady Lodge

The author of this site does not know much, but is absolutely and completely convinced this is where Nelly the Elephant decided to live, after deciding to run away from the circus!

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