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Common Riverjack

Dragonflies | Namibia

Introduction: Common Riverjacks (Mesocnemis singularis) inhabit fast-flowing sections of streams and rivers, the adult preferring unshaded stretches of water. Singularis is a Latin word for 'remarkable, unusual, singular' referring to the position of the arculus vein that lies between the 2 antenodal veins in the wings.

Distribution: Epupa Falls, Kunene River region, Rundu, Kavango River, Chobe and Zambezi River systems.

Colouration: The body has a pale blue coating. The underside of the eyes are green.

Breeding: Females lay their eggs in driftwood and living woody plant material.

Flight season: November to April.

Max size: 35mm.

Conservation: Not threatened.

Kavango River Lodge

Situated on the banks of the river (hence the name) in Rundu

Popa Falls Rest Camp

Close to the Popa Falls, this rest camp offers very basic accommodation

Sarasunga River Lodge

On a beautiful plot of indigenous plants and trees overlooking the river

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