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Banded Groundling

Dragonflies | Namibia

Introduction: Banded Groundlings (Brachythemis wilsoni) occur mainly at lakes and large rivers. An unusual feature of Banded Groundlings is their unique habit of flying close to the ground between the legs of cattle or antelope to catch insects that are disturbed by these mammals.

Distribution: Widespread and common in Namibia. Apart from perennial rivers such as the Kavango, Kwando, Kunene and Zambezi, they can be found in Etosha Pan, Tsumkwe, Fish and Orange Rivers. The dams and reservoirs at Omatako, Omatjenne, von Bach, Avis, Hardap, Naute and Oanab also support healthy populations of Banded Groundlings.

Colouration: Males sport noticeable dark wing bands, black abdomen.

Breeding: Both males and females can be observed sitting on the ground close to the water's edge, often in large numbers.

Flight season: Throughout the year.

Conservation: Not threatened.

Mokuti Lodge

Large lodge situated at the Namutoni entrance gate to Etosha. Excellent facilities but expect to share these with large group tours

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