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African Clawless Otter

wildlife of Namibia

Introduction: African clawless otters (Aonyx capensis) are extremely elusive animals due to their survival instinct of swimming away from riverbanks at the slightest disturbance. Otters groom and dry themselves by rolling in the grass and rubbing against rocks and the soil, habits that attract crocodiles.

This species gets it's name from the webless front feet. They can grope for food whilst swimming along a river bed by poking its fingers into holes and under stones. A cunning ploy to attract food is to make a beeline for aquatic vegetation and disturb potential prey by thrashing its feet around. They can hold its catch by the front paws and feed in the water. Larger prey is taken on land.

Distribution: Found in Northern Namibia only in the far western reaches of the Kunene River and the Caprivi region, including the Chobe River. Its desire for fresh water to wash the salt from its fur explains both freshwater and marine habitats.

Diet: Rock lobster, frogs, birds, insects, fish, molluscs, reptiles and small mammals, but mainly crabs. The African clawless otter will sneak onto farms to prey on chickens, geese and ducks.

Colouring: Thick brown hair, less for white bellies, neck, throat, upper lips and cheeks.

Breeding: Litters vary from 1-3 with a gestation period of 60-65 days.

Size: Length 1.3m. Weight: 13kg.

Wildlife Namibia

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