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Smoky Orange Tip


Introduction: A Smoky Orange Tip (Colotis (C.) evippe omphale) can be observed in open thornveld habitats. The name Omphale is derived from a Lydian queen of Greek mythology who not only had an affair with Hercules but was noted for her adventures in a lion skin.

Distribution: Throughout northern, central and southern Namibia less for the Namib Desert .

Breeding/Larval food: Caper-bush spp. Leafless wormbush (Cadaba aphylla), shepherd's tree.

Colouration: Wet-season forms are heavily marked with black and white fore and hind wings and characteristic smoky orange tips on the forewing.

On the wing: Throughout the year.

Wingspan: 35 to 45mm.

Ababis Guest Farm

One of the regions oldest farms, suitable for dune and Naukluft Mountain visits

Barchan Dune Retreat

A small lodge situated close to the spectacular Spreetzhoogte pass and around 10km from Solitaire

Kuangukuangu Luxury Cabin

A private and secluded hide-a-way in the Namib Desert. Ideal for those wanting a break from civilization

Rostock Ritz

Excellent food, too far to be the ideal base to visit Sossusvlei, good stop en-route to Swakopmund after night nearer the dunes

Solitaire Country Lodge

Budget option in Namibia's most famous one-horse town

Solitaire Guest Farm

Friendly owners and a stunning setting about 60km from Sesriem

Tsondab Valley Scenic Reserve

Explore the spectacular desert around this property or use it as a base to visit Sossusvlei.

Walvis Bay Accommodation