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Bushveld Sandman


Introduction: A Bushveld Sandman (Spialia colotes transvaaliae) is a fast low flier that often settle on shrubs, flowers or on the ground in dry bushveld habitats.

Distribution: Widespread throughout Namibia.

Breeding/Larval food: Single eggs are laid on shoots of food plants.

Colouration: Black-brown uppersides with white to cream or pale green spots. Brown to grey undersides are spotted and striped in cream or white.

On the wing: January and the late summer months until April are the best times to observe this butterfly.

Wingspan: 18 to 36mm.

Brandberg Rest Camp

Situated in the tiny town of Uis, this lodge acts as a gateway to the Brandberg Mountain and other parts of the Erongo Region

Brandberg White Lady Lodge

The author of this site does not know much, but is absolutely and completely convinced this is where Nelly the Elephant decided to live, after deciding to run away from the circus!

Walvis Bay Accommodation