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Bushveld Elephant Shrew

wildlife of Namibia

Introduction: The bushveld elephant shrew (Elephantulus intufi) is found in areas with an annual rainfall of lower than 500mm, often observed in scrub bush with light grass cover growing from a sandy base. This is ideal bushveld elephant shrew habitat, as it can hop in and out of this type of vegetation at some speed. The low bushes not only provide cover but also form the base for a single burrow, with much-used trails branching out towards feeding areas.

Distribution: Most of Namibia including Etosha National Park, the central highlands and much of southern Namibia. Not found in the Namib Desert, the north-eastern parts of the country or the Orange River regions.

Diet: Insects predominately ants. Bushveld elephant shrews are able to catch grasshoppers, carrying them under cover to eat.

Colouring: Pale brown fur with white rings around the eyes and a distinctive russet patch under the ears.

Breeding: Usually twins.

Size: Total length of head and body 240mm, tail 250mm. Weight: 50g.

Wildlife Namibia

Etosha Village

40 Room lodge only 4km from the park. Offers self catering units and a restaurant


Situated inside the Etosha Park some of the units available here offer self catering opportunities


Extremely busy accommodation inside the park with a good spot-lit waterhole, great choice if location is deciding factor on where to stay

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