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wildlife of Namibia

The bat is a mouse-like flying mammal. It belongs to the order Chiroptera which is Greek for 'hand wing'. It's forelimbs are modified to form wings, consisting of mainly elongated fingers between which the wing membrane, (a double layer of skin) is stretched.

Species can be found everywhere in Namibia from the Orange River into the Namib Desert (including Sossusvlei), the Kalahari Desert, Etosha National Park and as far north as the Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip).

Bats are amazing animals. They can see, they're harmless, nocturnal and are the only mammals that can truly fly. Other types of mammals, such as flying lemurs, sugar gliders (marsupials commonly found in Australia) and flying squirrels, glide. African bats are not vampires nor do they transmit parasites to human beings.

There are approxiamately 900 species of bat worldwide, all with a unique lifestyle as different from each other as a cheetah from a leopard. They are divided into two sub-orders. Most of the species found in Namibia belong to:

Microchiroptera (small bats or microbats)
Megachiroptera (large bats or megabats) found in Namibia:

Bats can be great to have around as they keep the bug and mosquito population down, but most people don't want them in the house making noise and excreting messes. The damage can be extensive. Getting rid of colonies of bats from houses and barns can be done by ultrasonic bat repelling devices. Another method would be to plug all the exit holes after the bats have entered for the night. Verandahs are popular night-time roosts. Bats can get confused, especially at dusk and if one does fly in to your house a compromise would be to open the doors and windows and chase it out with an open towel or something similar. They have a sophisticated echolocation system that will enable them to escape under its own steam. The bat sends out a call and then listens for the echo, from the time between when it sent out the call to when the echo arrives, it can work out how far away things are and so avoid them. Echolocation is used for both navigation and hunting prey.Some basic bat facts:

  • The name of a male is referred to as simply a male
  • The name of a female is referred to as simply a female
  • A baby bat is called a pup
  • The average size of a litter is just one
  • The collective name for a group of bats is a colony
  • During the day bats rest in a variety of roosting places
  • Depending on the species, bats can be grey, brown, white or reddish brown.
  • Some of the large megabats hang upside down from branches of trees in enormous numbers
  • Bats are very sociable animals, and live in large colonies.
  • Depending on the type of bat, their life span is between 4 and 30 years.
  • Bats sleep upside down. They use their feet to grasp onto a twig or board, and when it is cold, they hang close together.
  • Bats have teeth and chew their food. Seventy percent of all bats eat insects. One bat can eat more than a thousand insects in 1hr!
  • To catch insects, bats use their wings.


In response to the early success of the Superman in action comics, Bob Kane of National Publications (later DC Comics) created the 'Bat-Man', a caped crusader, fighting crime whilst incorporating the imagery of a bat in order to frighten criminals. He wore a scallop-hem cape, a cowl covering most of the face featuring a pair of batlike ears, a stylized bat emblem on the chest, and the ever-present utility belt.

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Wildlife Namibia

Auas Safari Lodge

A privately owned game farm, with a good variety of wildlife just a short distance south of Windhoek.

Daan Viljoen Game Park

Newly built lodge in a small well stocked game reserve west of Windhoek

Dusternbrook Guest Farm

This lodge is very popular amongst those seeking leopard and cheetah viewing close to Windhoek. Regular feedings guarantee great sightings and photographic opportunities

Elisenheim Guest Farm

A relaxing lodge in the Eros Mountains (named after a local fruit and not the goddess of love) around 30km north of the city

Etango Ranch Guest Farm

Opposite the Windhoek International Airport, close enough to be extremely convenient but far enough away that planes are not a distraction. Great for those arriving late or leaving early, as cuts out the 45km drive from Windhoek/

Gocheganas Nature Reserve

One of Namibia's most popular spas with the added bonus of top game viewing.

Hohewarte Guest Farm

Between Windhoek and the International Airport lies this interesting cattle & game farm

Immanuel Wilderness Lodge

family friendly, mid range lodge in rural location

Naankuse Lodge & Wildlife Sanctuary

a wildlife sanctuary offering quality accommodation in a tranquil environment

Okapuka Lodge

Large lodge on a large well stocked game farm


On a large private game farm close to the Windhoek International Airport, ideal for those not wanting to travel into Windhoek before or after their arrival in Namibia

Onjala Lodge

Offering horse riding, spa treatments and two swimming pools, this is a good family lodge

River Crossing Lodge

a few kilometers east of Windhoek this lodge offers unsurpassed views of the city from a setting in the Auas Mountains

Windhoek Game Camp

20km north of the city, this tented lodge offers a quality self catering experience surrounded by the veld and wildlife

Self Catering Accommodation in Namibia