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Hot Air Ballooning at Sossusvlei

Includes: Breakfast in the Namib Desert - namibia

This is the most unforgettable and beautiful experience in the Namib Desert. The adventure begins before sunrise when you are collected from your accommodation, and driven to the take-off area. Once the balloon is airborne you drift silently over the desert for about an hour. The views of the Namib Desert are exceptional. On landing (wherever the wind has taken you) there is a champagne breakfast.

After breakfast a lovely nature drive takes you back to the take-off point. If you are only going to splash out on one thing while in Namibia, ballooning should be the one. Passengers are collected from: Le Mirage Desert Lodge - Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Kulala Desert Lodge - Little Kulala - Sossusvlei Lodge - Sesriem Campsite
If you are staying at another lodge in the area you will be required to make your own way to the take-off point.

Here are a list of frequently asked questions about ballooning in Namibia:

  • Is ballooning dangerous ? After 25 000 passengers flown over 15 years, we have a 100% safety record. Your safety is our priority and we only fly in perfect weather conditions.
  • Flight location: the choice of launch site depends mainly on the wind direction . According to the weather conditions, our pilots will choose the location the day before the flight in the late afternoon . The 3 main locations are: Sesriem (entrance of the national park), Kulala lodge (between Sesriem and Sossusvlei ), and on The Namib Rand Nature Reserve.
  • When and where do we meet? 30 min before sunrise, we will collect you from Kulala Desert Lodge, Sesriem Campsite, Sossusvlei Lodge, Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge or le Mirage. If you overnight somewhere else, ask at reception where is the closest meeting point and how can you reach it. The exact time of departure will be given the day before, we then need to know where you will overnight the night before your balloon safari!
  • Are my children allowed to fly? Children over 130 cm will enjoy the balloon because they are tall enough to see over the basket. Smaller children are welcome to follow the balloon with our ground crew in our retrieving 4x4 vehicle and join the parents at landing for the champagne breakfast.
  • Pre-flight information: The previous evening, the pilot will give you the time you will be collected at your lodge and all information that you need to be ready. Keep in mind that ballooning is weather permitting and if the pilot feels it not safe, he will cancel the flight. Should you wish to try the day later, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • How far do we fly? Depending on the wind, we cover an average of ten miles . As balloons travel at the speed of the wind, you have no feeling of movement. Your pilot will change his altitude in order to search for various wind directions.
  • Are you anxious? For those of you who are quite timid about not having your feet on the ground, feel secure: you will find the motionless flight of a balloon easier to accustom yourself to than any other forms of flight. Ballooning is like a magic carpet. The tranquility of your flight will give you plenty photographic opportunities and unsurpassed view of the Namib desert. The ground crew has permanently a radio contact with the pilot and follows the balloon until landing where an Out of Africa champagne breakfast will be served. In a Hot Air Balloon you are not effected by vertigo.
  • What type of clothes? Simply dress to suit the season. In fact, it is not cold in a basket. The burner above you keeps you warm during the flight. You will have no sensation of wind since the balloon flies with the wind and not against it. A hat or cap is recommended. Please do not overload the basket with unnecessary items, the balloon is very sensitive to the weight. You will just need your camera!
  • Why is ballooning expensive ? The balloon costs the same as a big mercedes but only lasts a few hundreds hours, drinks 200 litres of gas per hour and involves a minimum crew of five men to get it ready to go as well as the retrieving vehicles..
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Balloon flights are dependant on weather conditions. If it is to windy to fly the cost of the trip will be refunded.

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