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Namib Mountain Trail

Hiking |Namib Desert | Namibia

The Namib Mountain Trail is a guided hike between Desert Homestead Lodge and Desert Homestead Outpost. An overnight stay is required at both lodges or 2 nights at Desert Homestead Lodge. A decent level of walking/hiking fitness is required. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide. Minimum of 2 guests (or single supplement applicable) maximum 8.

Hiking in Namibia

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  • Namib Mountain Trail: Hiking
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Before sunrise:
Tuck into an early breakfast before heading off on the first leg which crosses a local mountain. Afterwards hikers will follow a canyon to a mountain saddle. A section of light climbing over rocks is required. Duration so far about 1.5hrs. Not long afterwards you will reach a saddle in time to watch the sunrise. Enjoy a well-earned rest as the sun rises over red Namib dunes.
After sunrise:
Follow a dry river course which involves a short walk to the other side of the saddle. Weather-beaten granite rocks and sand-filled wash-outs are testament to millions of years of rain which has created this rugged landscape. Below the vast grassy savannah offers sustenance for zebra, ostrich, oryx and springbok. Cheetahs and the more elusive leopard have been observed here, but sightings are never guaranteed.
Hikers are now guided along a tributary of the Tsauchab River. Camelthorn trees survive on it's banks the setting for many an animal (and human) to seek refuge from the heat of the midday sun. By mid-morning it is time to take a rest at the bottom of a well-known local feature; an elevation at the base of the next mountain.
Mid morning:
Your journey continues as you follow a meandering trail which snakes up an ancient mountain zebra path. It leads to a ridge and memorable views of surrounding mountains and ever changing colours of sand dunes below.
Late morning:
Continue to follow your mountain trail gradually descending to a canyon and onto Desert Homestead Outpost. A warm welcome and cool refreshments await.
A light lunch can be enjoyed in the shade. Guests can now collect their luggage and occupy their accommodation.
After Lunch:
Enjoy the amenities offered at the Outpost. Hikers staying at Desert Homestead Lodge are transferred back by safari vehicle.
  • Guide
  • Water during the hike
  • Breakfast-pack
  • Light lunch

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