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Geen Turtle

Turtles | Namibia

Introduction: The green turtle (Chelonia mydas)is a large, hard-shelled turtle with a smooth shell and a small and relatively compact head.

Distribution: From Swakopmund northwards along the Skeleton Coast (where they come ashore) as far as the mouth of the Kunene River

Diet: Jellyfish for the first year of life and then moves on to sea grasses in estuaries and shallow seas to feed in shallow waters abundant with vegetation.

Colouring: Greenish brown to black shell with streaking or spots. Females are usually darker than males.

Breeding: Nesting occurs throughout the year and females move on to the beach by moving both forelegs together as if swimming, called 'humping'. Between 100 and 200 are laid in each clutch and the female returns at intervals of 10 to 20 days, on 2 or 3 occasions. Eggs hatch after around 56 days and hatchlings usually emerge at night.

Size: Total length up to 1.2m. Females are slightly larger than males. Weight: Up to 300kg.

Cape Cross Lodge

Wonderfully situated remote lodge - directly on the beach near the Cape Cross seal colony

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

An upmarket lodge on the Skeleton Coast - only visit-able as part of a fly in safari.

Terrace Bay

Accommodation in the Skeleton Coast, really catering for fisherman but hardened visitors who absolutely have to spend a few nights inside the Skeleton Coast Park may choose to stay here

Torra Bay

A campsite in the Skeleton Coast Park, popular with fisherman during the summer holidays

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