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Namaqualand Tent Tortoise

Tortoises | Namibia

Introduction: The Namaqualand Tent Tortoise (Psammobates tentorius trimeni) can often be seen in areas frequented by the Bushmanland Tent Tortoise. Habitats include desert and succulent steppe and dwarf shrub savannah vegetation types in south-western Namibia. They become active after rains when they can be seen crossing roads.

Distribution: Similar to the Nama Padloper Tortoise and can be found in south-western Namibia in the Huns Mountains and northwards to Aus towards Helmeringhausen, spreading southwards to the Orange River.

Diet: Succulents of the Aus area and herbs and grasses favoured by the Bushmanland Tent Tortoise.

Colouring: The Namaqualand Tent Tortoise has a convex shell with distinctive protruding tent-like shields (hence the name). They are bright yellow rays on a mostly black shell.

Breeding: Similar to the Bushmanland Tent Tortoise with a clutch of only 1 egg produced after spring mating patterns. The incubation period is around 220 days.

Weight: 170 to 400g. Females are significantly bigger than males.

Dangers and predators: Crows, eagles, goshawks and ostriches as well as small carnivores, mongooses and monitor lizards. The Namaqualand Tent Tortoise is an attractive reptile and is often illegally collected for the pet industry.

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