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Bushmanland Tent Tortoise

Tortoises | Namibia

Introduction: The Bushmanland Tent Tortoise (Psammobates tentorius verroxii) was first documented by the French explorer and trader, Jules Verreaux. Activity is greatest at dawn as opposed to dusk or late afternoon when they seek shelter under thorny shrubs for greater protection and shade. They hibernate in the colder, winter months and emerge on warmer winter days around the Orange River to 'fog bask'. Psammos is Greek for 'sand' and bates for 'one that treads on'. Tentorium is Latin for 'tent'.

Distribution: Found in central and south-eastern Namibia from Mariental in the north southwards to the Orange River, including the Tiras Mountains in areas of dwarf shrub savannah.

Diet: Grasses, herbs, shrubs and other plant matter. The dry desert grass Stipagrostis obtusa and Bushman grasses are a favourite.

Colouring: The shell is convex and varies in colour from a drab orange-brown to a bright yellow (or orange) with black rayed patterns.

Breeding: The incubation period is 220 days, producing a clutch of either 1 or 2 eggs.,

Weight: 250 to 450g. Females are bigger than males.

Dangers and predators: Small carnivores, monitor lizards, eagles, mongooses, goshawks, crows and ostriches, Humans and electric fences also cause mortalities.

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Suricate Kalahari Tented Camp

The meerkat or suricate is a small mammal which inhabits the Kalahari - we do not know why this lodge is named after them. Perhaps if you stay here and find out you can tell us and then we can make this slightly more descriptive

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