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Terrapins Namibia

Namibian Terrapins

Terrapin is the common name for a freshwater or salt-marsh turtle. Terrapins eat crabs, snails and other water creatures and are also partial to green plants. Females are larger than males.

Namibia has hinged terrapins which are so called because of the instantly recognizable hinge at the front of the plastron or underside. This feature can be closed which protects the head and forelimbs. Shells on hinged terrapins are usually dome shaped and thick with a serrated top and posterior edge, mostly in juveniles.

Also found in Namibia are Pleurodira terrapins, which means 'side-neck' and refers to to the action of the terrapins pulling their heads to one side when it is withdrawn under the shell. This enables 1 of its eyes to maintain observations. The shell is usually hard and flat and the hind feet are webbed.

The third variety of terrapin in Namibia are soft-shelled terrapin. They are unusual in that they have 3 claws on each foot and not because of their odd, soft shells. They have a flat and disc-like shell with a long neck and a snorkel like nose. They are active omnivores, but are very shy creatures.

Beach Lodge

Top location, right on the beach. This is a very popular accommodation choice - and rightly so.

Desert Breeze Lodge

Slightly outide town on the banks of the Swakop River and overlooking the dunes of the Namib Desert. Excellent for those wanting a desert setting near the convenience of town

Swakopmund Sands Hotel

Close to the main beach and Swakopmund aquarium, also boasts a heated swimming pool

Hotel Pension Rapmund

Very centrally located with a quaint German atmosphere.

Sea Side Hotel & Spa

A new hotel and spa complex situated north of town in the suburb of Mile 4

The Stiltz

Absolutely unique! Built on stilts into the Swakop River - many units offer great views. Feels more like a traditional country lodge rather than an establishment in a busy tourist town.

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