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Namibian Wolf Snake

Snakes | Namibia

Introduction: Wolf snakes lie up in the day under cover to checking out to emerge at dusk to hunt. Their prey consists of sleeping skinks and lacertids which they will attack in their burrows etc. Victims are held by the 'wolf' fangs, taken out of the retreat and then constricted. They are also partial to other snakes and only bite if provoked.

As you might expect the Namibian wolf snake (Lycophidion namibianum) is endemic to the country. The can be found in a rocky desert and arid savannah type habitat.

Distribution: Northern (but not coastal) Namib Desert including the Erongo Mountain region, Spitzkoppe, Brandberg Mountain, with the range extending north as far as Kamanjab and the Palmwag areas.

Diet: Skinks and lizards.

Colouring: A reddish brown body has speckles and other marking above and a white belly.

Breeding: Females lay on average 3 small eggs.

Size: Max SVL male 315mm, female 530mm.

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