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Dwarf Beaked Snake

Snakes | Namibia

Introduction: This naughty little creature, the dwarf beaked snake (Dispina multiaculata) hides beneath stones or in loose sand at the base of bushes, ready in wait to ambush unsuspecting lizards on the way home after a hard day at the office. They are a fairly docile sort of creature, but will coil up when threatened, imitating the horned adder.

Distribution: Southern Namibia extending north-west to southern Angola. Absent from the true Namib Desert, they are found in and around Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Luderitz.

Diet: Barking geckos, lizards and small lacertids.

Colouring: The colour of the back varies from grey and pinkish-brown with rows of darker blotches that join to form crossbars. A V-shape adorns the back of the neck and the head has an eye-stripe. The belly is white to pink-cream.

Breeding: Females lay 2 to 4 eggs. They hatch after 7 or 8 weeks.

Size: Max SVL male, 321mm, 323mm female.

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