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Anchieta's Python

Snakes | Namibia

Introduction: Anchieta's dwarf python (Python anchietae) has a broad head and small tubercular head shields on a stoutly built body. Little is known of this species but nonetheless it is a protected in Namibia. However, they are known to lie in wait around springs to ambush prey coming to drink.

Distribution: Northern Namibia but not present in the Namib Desert. They can be found in Windhoek extending northwards to Etosha National Park in areas of rugged, dry, rocky sandveld and riverine bush.

Diet: Birds and gerbils.

Colouring: The body is pale red-brown, with white spots and bands. The belly is yellow with some brown spots visible on the side.

Breeding: Females lay about 5 eggs in November usually hatching after an incubation period of 60 to 70 days.

Size: Max SVL male 1,290mm, females 1, 520mm.

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