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Sundevails's writhing skink

Skinks | Namibia

Introduction: The tail of Sundevails's writhing skink (Lygosoma sundevallii) were once the target for Bushmen as a cure for a snakebite. Fortunately today that is no longer the case. This species will burrow in the upper layers of sandy soil, beneath rotting logs and stones, searching for food.

Distribution: Northern Namibia extending south to the Kalahari Desert. The range includes the Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip), Okavango Delta and the Moremi Game Reserve.

Diet: Small invertebrates.

Colouring: The body is light-brown to grey often with a dark spot at the base of each scale, affording a speckled appearance. The belly is creamy white and speckled beneath the tail.

Breeding: Females lay between 2 to 6 white, oval, soft-shelled eggs underground, usually in old termite mounds. Many hatchlings are eaten by small carnivores such as genets, Cape foxes and African wild cats. Snakes such as Cape wolf snakes and black file snakes will also prey on their young.

Size: Max SVL 88mm.

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