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Striped skink

Skinks | Namibia

Introduction: There are 4 subspecies of striped skink with 2, (Mabuya striata striata) and (Mabuya striata sparsa) found in Namibia. The former is larger than the latter and the colouration varies slightly. They are active climbers, foraging on rocky outcrops, houses and on trees. Their habitat is varied and includes mango swamp to arid savannah.

Distribution: M.s striata are found in Northern Namibia including Etosha National Park, Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip), Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve. The range of M.s sparse are in the south of the country including Keetmanshoop and the Great Karasberg Mountains.

Diet: Feeds on small insects such as moths and beetles and other small invertebrates.

Colouring: The head is orange-brown with a yellow-orange throat. The back is pale-grey, with faint side stripes and a white belly.

Breeding: Females give birth to between 3 and 5 babies.

Size: Max SVL 110mm.

Alte Kalkofen Lodge

80km west of Keetmanshoop, named after the large lime ovens found on the farms. Boasts the largest collection of lithops in Namibia

Birds Mansion

A popular establishment in the southern Namibian town of Keetmanshoop

Canyon Hotel

A large air-conditioned hotel in Keetmanshoop. A useful stop en-route to the Fish River Canyon and South Africa

Keetmanshoop Central Lodge

Good facilities make this an excellent overnight choice

Mesosaurus Fossil Site & Quiver Tree Dolerite Park

The undisputed winner of the longest lodge name in Namibia, MFSQTDP offers accommodation at reasonable prices

Quiver Tree Forest Rest Camp

Close to the Quiver Tree Forest this is a popular choice

Kaokoland Accommodation