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Striped blind legless skinks

Skinks | Namibia

Introduction: There are 3 subspecies of the striped blind legless skink found in the southern African region with (Typhlosaurus lineatus lineatus) particular to Namibia. It is a small lizard, commonly found in wind-strewn sand that collects at the base of grass tufts and bushes, desert dunes and sand ridges.

Distribution: Some Kalahari regions of Namibia such as Stampriet in the south and around the Tsumkwe region in the north of the country.

Diet: Mainly termites.

Colouring: All black specimens are common, although the Namibian subspecies may have a yellow-golden back with around 6 thin dark stripes and a white belly.

Breeding: A couple of large babies are born in mid-January to early March. Gestation periods are usually around 20 weeks.

Size: Max SVL 180mm.

Fiume Bush Camp

A satellite camp to Fiume Lodge, the Bush Camp requires a minimum two night stay and is the base for top quality guided excursions to visit a local Bushman / San community

Nhoma Camp

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Tsumkwe Lodge

In the town of Tsumkwe this lodge offers an opportunity to visit the local San communities

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