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Ovambo tree skink

Skinks | Namibia

Introduction: Ovambo tree skinks (Mabuya binotata) live in tree hollows of mopane trees, especially in Halali Rest Camp, Etosha National Park. They also enter rock crevices and cracks. They are a shy species making them difficult to catch and therefore study in a preferred dry savannah habitat. A feature of this species is that their relatively long forelimbs and hind limbs overlap when pressed against the body.

Distribution: Northern Namibia from Etosha National Park to Epupa Falls. They are common in Etosha. The northern range extends to Oshakati.

Diet: Beetles and grasshoppers close to home.

Colouring: The back is olive-grey and the belly is white. There is a wide, black band on the side of the neck.

Breeding: Not known.

Size: Max SVL 127mm.

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