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Yellow Throated plated Lizard

Lizards | Namibia

Introduction: The yellow-throated plated lizard (Gerrhosaurus flavigularis) is a medium-sized lizard, with a slender body and a small head. They are often found in urban areas and normally live in burrows dug at the base of bushes or under boulders but can found under rubbish. This species is a quick mover and will shed the tail if caught, which it can regenerate.

These creatures make surprisingly good pets, some lasting up to 11 years. They will bite when first caught but become tame soon after capture.

Distribution: A population exists near Gobabis.

Diet: Catches termites, grasshoppers and millipedes.

Colouring: A dark red-brown to olive back with yellow, dark-edged dorsolateral stripes. The flands are darker than the body and belly is cream coloured.

Breeding: Females bury 4 to 8 soft-shelled eggs in a chamber under a stone or dug in leaf litter and hatchlings emerge in the later summer months.

Size: SVL 110 to 130mm. Max SVL 142mm.

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