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Southern Tree agama

Lizards | Namibia

Introduction: Southern tree agama (Acanthocercus atricollis) is a large agama with a broad head, which they frequently nod whilst clinging on to a tree trunk only going to ground to cross to another tree. The tree's trunk serves as a barrier when the tree agama feels threatened. Their orange mouth becomes visible if the mouth is open and they are known to bear a painful bite if caught. The southern tree agama is not poisonous.

Acacia and Brachystegia trees are the preferred habitat of tree agamas, usually in areas of open savannah. Preferred sleeping places on these trees include in the hollow branches and under peeling bark.

Distribution: Close proximity to Ruacana Falls.

Diet: Caterpillars, beetles and grasshoppers and flying ants and termites on tree to tree expeditions.

Colouring: Olive to green-brown backs with a black shoulder spot. The tails is banded dark-brown-black.

Breeding: Breeding males have much larger heads than females. Females lay between 5 to 14 oval, soft-shelled eggs that hatch in 90 days, emerging from a hole dug into soft soil.

Size: SVL 120 to 150mm. Max SVL males 167mm. Females 135mm.

Ongula Village Homestead Lodge

A traditional Owambo homestead which offers a unique opportunity of interacting with the local community while getting involved in local activities such as cattle herding and basket making.

Ruacana Eha Lodge

Situated at the Ruacana falls on the Namibia / Angola border - this lodge serves as a gateway between Kaokoland and Owamboland

Uukwaluhdi Safari Lodge

North of Etosha, east of Osahakati & west of Opuwo this remote lodge is situated on the vast plains of the Omusati Region. Attractions here include tracking Black Rhino.

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