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Southern Spiny agama

Lizards | Namibia

Introduction: The southern spiny agama (Agama hispida)is a medium-sized agama with rounded snout housed on a broad head. The tail is longer than the head and body in males, but slightly shorter in females. They are a terrestrial species that live in short tunnels dug at the base of a bush in open, sandy veld and often occupy burrows of ground squirrel colonies. Larger males often display territorial actions from boulders to lesser members of the species.

Distribution: The semi-desert and coastal dune regions of the Sperrgebiet (Restricted Diamond Area).

Diet: Beetles and ants.

Colouring: Yellow-green body with bluish-grey belly.

Breeding: Females lay between 7 to 11 eggs, laid in October to November.

Size: SVL 80 to 95mm. SVL 110mm.

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