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Namibian Rock Agama

Lizards | Namibia

Introduction: Namibian rock agamas (Agama planiceps) live in small groups of around 10 on rock outcrops associated with boulder-strewn hills. They are very active making it difficult to approach. They are large, but graceful lizards that have a small head with a pointed snout. The body is flattened supported by long limbs and toes and the tail is longer than the head and body combined. Predators include rock kestrels and hornbills.

Distribution: Damaraland and Kaokoland in the north-west of Namibia.

Diet: Insects and beetles as well as seeds and leaves.

Colouring: Blue-purple back with an orange-red head, neck and throat. The tail is olive-yellow at the base, which changes to olive-red at the tip.

Breeding: Females lay small clutches of between 5 to 10 eggs, laid in soil beneath a slab of rock or in the cracks and crevices of rocks.

Size: SVL 80 to 100mm. Max SVL 112mm.

Bambatsi Lodge

This small lodge is located between Outjo and Khorixas - it was one of the first guest farms opened in Namibia

Brandberg Rest Camp

Situated in the tiny town of Uis, this lodge acts as a gateway to the Brandberg Mountain and other parts of the Erongo Region. The owner, Basil, is a bastion of the local community and a font of knowledge on the area

Brandberg White Lady Lodge

We are absolutely convinced that this is where Nelly the Elephant decided to live, after deciding to run away from the circus! A bit run down - but in an excellent location

Camp Kipwe

Small private lodge consisting of thatched domed bungalows scattered amongst large granite boulders. It is well situated near Twyfelfontein and several other major Damaraland attractions

Damaraland Camp

This camp was started by Wilderness Safaris and is now managed by the local community. Expect luxury, desert elephants and rhino

Damara Mopane Lodge

Named after the abundant Mopane Trees found in the area, Damara Mopane Lodge is part of a well established lodge group, known for quality lodges at reasonable prices. Only 20km from Khorixas and within driving distance of the highlights of the area

Doro Nawas

A good quality lodge located close to the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein. Excursions to the engravings and in search of desert adapted elephant are available

iGowati Lodge

Situated in the town of Khorixas, this lodge may not have the most scenic setting but offers reasonable accommodation at good prices

Khorixas Rest Camp

A fairly basic establishment just outside the town of Khorixas

Madisa Camp

Private campsites in a beautiful setting

Mowani Mountain Camp

One of the most luxurious lodges in the area - accommodation is in luxury tents or more 'solid' suites.

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

As the name implies this is situated close to the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein. A good quality lodge with reasonable rates.

Ugab Terrace Lodge

Close to the Vingerklip rock formation and offering exciting views of the Ugab Plains

Vingerklip Lodge

The Vingerklip is a 35m high finger like rock structure - this popular and well equipped lodge has two swimming pools and apart from being close to Vingerklip is in close proximity to Twyfelfontein, Burnt Mountain, Petrified Forest and other wonders of Damaraland

Luderitz Accommodation