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Namaqua Girdled Lizard

Lizards | Namibia

Introduction: The Namaqua girdled lizard (Cordylus namaquensis) is endemic to Namibia. This rare species lives in rock crevices and cracks in mountains.

Distribution: The Great Karasberg Mountains in southern Namibia between Keetmanshoop and Karasberg.

Diet: Termites and beetles.

Colouring: The back is chestnut to light brown, usually accompanied with dark-brown to black mottling. There are 2 blackish streaks on the side of the head. The belly is dirty white to pale brown.

Breeding: 2 to 3 young are born in January to February.

Size: SVL 75 to 80mm. Max SVL 82mm.

Bahnhof Hotel

A lovely country hotel in the small village of Aus

Eagles Nest Lodge

Self-catering, rock bungalows on the Klein Aus Vista property. As Eagles Nest has no restaurant facilities guests are welcome to use the restaurant at Desert Horse Inn. This is a beautiful place to spend a few nights enjoying the beauty of southern Namibia

Desert Horse Inn

Named after the desert horses which are one of the main reasons for visiting the area, this is the more main stream lodge on the Klein Aus Vista property

Luderitz Accommodation