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Machodoe's Girdled Lizard

Lizards | Namibia

Introduction: Machodoe's girdled lizard is a small lizard identifiable from other similar sized lizards by an elongated first row of dorsals. The body is very flattened and the triangular head is supported by rough head shields. They prefer to live in cracks of small rocks and in calcrete outcrops, usually alone or in pairs.

Distribution: Extreme north-western areas of Northern Kaokoland.

Diet: Small insects.

Colouring: A dirty brown back and paler sides, tail and belly.

Breeding: Little is known of the breeding patterns of Machodoe's girdled lizard.

Size: SVL 60 to 70mm. Max SVL 78mm.

Opuwo Country Lodge

In the town of Opuwo this lodge has beautiful views over Kaokoland - a real desert oasis

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