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karoo Girdled Lizard

Lizards | Namibia

Introduction: The Karoo girdled lizard (Cordylus polyzonus) has been described by some experts as 'a large, graceful girdled lizard' with a flattened body. It is one of the most commonest species in its distribution range and lives on lower mountain slopes that enjoy sun-split rock formations associated with small rock outcrops.

They are very alert creatures and at the slightest hint of trouble or danger will retreat into a rock crack and curl the tail over the head. These lizards hibernate in the winter in a deep tunnel beneath a large boulder the soil providing adequate cover for the duration of the period.

Distribution: Southern Central Namibia extending from the Orange River to the Tiras Mountains, Gondwana National Park, Fish River Canyon and Ai-Ais Hot Springs and Resort. There are also small populations around the Dordabis and Karubeamsberg areas.

Diet: In the heat of the day, the Karoo girdled lizard will perch on a boulder only interrupting a basking session to intercept an unsuspecting passing beetle or grasshopper.

Colouring: The body is dark-brown or black with a banded tail of dark-brown.

Breeding: 2 large babies are born in the summer months, usually February to March.

Size: SVL 90 to 105mm. Max 113mm.

Ai-Ais Resort

Fairly basic accommodation at the famous hot-springs near the southern end of the Fish River Canyon

Canyon Lodge

Probably the most popular lodge in the area. Friendly staff, interesting rooms and an emphasis on growing all local produce make for a wonderful stay

Canyon Roadhouse

The smaller sibling to the Canon Lodge & Village, this fun establishment boasts loads of character

Canyon Village

Supposedly laid out like an African village - this tends to be second choice to the Lodge but still offers good value

Fish River Lodge

On the opposite edge of the canyon to all the other lodges, Fish River Lodge offers a unique perspective, excellent service and stunning views


Campsite close to the main viewpoint over the Fish River Canyon

Luderitz Accommodation