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Holub's Sandveld Lizard

Lizards | Namibia

Introduction: Holub's sandveld lizard (Nucras taeniolata) is a small lizard that forages around tufts of grass and at the bases of bushes. It will escape from the heat and predators by making a small tunnel in broken rocky ground.

Distribution: An isolated population in central and northern Namibia, although not associated with the Windhoek area.

Diet: Small insects, particularly beetles.

Colouring: Distinctive striped pattern colour of 3 well-marked, pale stripes along the back that extend onto the back of the head. There are a couple of rows of spots on the flanks. The tail is a light buff colour and adults have a grey or buff to reddish-brown back.

Breeding: Females usually hatch 4 to 5 eggs, laid in midsummer.

Size: SVL 70 to 85mm. Max SVL 94mm.

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