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Desert plated Lizard

Lizards | Namibia

Introduction: The desert plated lizard (Angolosaurus skoogi) can be found in small colonies, sometimes up to 3,000 living in a square kilometer. The are active during the day only and forage in areas common with scrub-covered loose wind-blown sand dunes. Males grow larger than females and have been known to live for up to 10 years in the wild.

Distribution: Northern Namib Desert

Diet: Beetles, dry plant debris, seeds, grass stems and the succulent !Nara plant.

Colouring: The back is ivory, grey-white or light buff with small, scattered maroon-orange blotches. The belly is white.

Breeding: Females lay 2 to 4 large eggs.

Size: SVL 110mm. Max SVL 160mm.

Beach Lodge

Top location, right on the beach. This is a very popular accommodation choice - and rightly so.

Desert Breeze Lodge

Slightly outide town on the banks of the Swakop River and overlooking the dunes of the Namib Desert. Excellent for those wanting a desert setting near the convenience of town

Swakopmund Sands Hotel

Close to the main beach and Swakopmund aquarium, also boasts a heated swimming pool

Hotel Pension Rapmund

Very centrally located with a quaint German atmosphere.

Sea Side Hotel & Spa

A new hotel and spa complex situated north of town in the suburb of Mile 4

The Stiltz

Absolutely unique! Built on stilts into the Swakop River - many units offer great views. Feels more like a traditional country lodge rather than an establishment in a busy tourist town.

Luderitz Accommodation